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What is it?

Your business surveys / feedback forms on our inBound™ app, but branded for you.  We set it up, you sit back, engage and reward your customers and review monthly analytic reports to help you make informed business's that easy!

How does it work?




We will design based on what you want to collect.

Choose from our templates or send us one of yours.

Determine what customer reward to offer.

Set Up

Collect & Reward


✓  Use inBound™ as branded feedback collection platform

✓  Collect real-time, private customer input at point-of-service

✓  Publish custom product / service feedback surveys

✓  Opportunity for business advertising placements

✓  Provide immediate reward for customers at point-of-sale

✓  Manage rewards / changes in your private "Cloud"

✓  Share from existing social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

✓  Collect customer feedback data in secure “Cloud”

✓  Export CSV data for use / import to CRM or other business tools

✓  View in-app and web-based dashboards for analytic reporting

✓  Enable location-based push notifications (coming soon)

✓  Eliminate survey / reward paper exchange - "green" solution!

Customers will scan QR code from inBound™ so place on marketing literature around your business.

It's location based, so customers are encouraged to provide private feedback at place of business to claim reward.

Access dashboards and monthly data reports via our analytics services to help you make improved business decisions.

The data you collect is yours. Keep it, sell it or use it for other marketing and customer insight programs.

What can I do?

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   $60 / mo / location*

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QR Samples

Design Choices

What's included?

One custom, branded feedback form / survey. (templates or new)

Private "cloud" for managing your customer rewards.

Access to all submitted answers from customers.

Monthly analytic reports based on collected data.

1-on-1 dedicated customer support.

Marketing signs with QR code links and social share.

inBound™ app license for business use.

Example Analytics

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Why do I need it?

Customizable, mobile feedback surveys using inBound™ for Business is the best mobile tool available to get the feedback you need, solidify customer relationships and improve your business.

We know that the relationships you have with your customers are important for your business.  For that reason, inBound™ for Business allows ways to create customized surveys that reflect the things you want to know from your customers, cultivating greater loyalty and individual connections.

Ask yourself these five questions:

- Do you know how your customers feel about you, your business and your staff?

- Do you know what is most important to your customers?

- Are you responding to negative experiences before your customers are broadcasting their complaints online?

- Do you have a way to provide customer feedback about your products / services upstream to your suppliers or vendors?

- Do you have a way to reward customers for providing feedback?

If the answer to any of the above questions is anything but a confident "Yes!" then surveys from inBound™ for Business will be one of your most valuable tools for improving your business and customer relationships. Of course, all the features are included with the platform, along with revolutionary service from dedicated support representatives to ensure that you’re gathering the right information for your unique business.

Finally a consistent and effective way to track, measure and respond to the level of customer satisfaction in your business.