Our dashboards and monthly analytic data reports are designed help you make improved business decisions based on the feedback you recieve.

Owner's Daily


You will have access to real-time dashboards for a few of the key tracking metrics.

This includes total number of entries and overall satisfaction rating.

Every month, we will give you access to the raw CSV data records collected.

Data can be downloaded from our secure cloud and imported to other customer insight systems.

Monthly Cloud Data Downloads

We will report and track your customers by demographic information you want to collect.

This information can be sold back to your vendors to help streamline your operations and focus on the demographic customers in your area.

Monthly Demographic Analytics

Monthly Results Analytics

We will also provide montly results on each custom question asked in your survey / feedback form.

These results should help guide your key business decisions and focus on the issues that need to be addressed.

Monthly Trends Analytics

Month over month, we will help identify key trends and changes based on the feedback you are receiving.

Not every question will have a trend line, but many do that could have direct results on your bottom line.